25K OFF AnterAja

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Enjoy discount special IDR 25,000 from Anteraja

Send gift to your love one discount up to IDR 25,000 for new user on Anteraja’s application.

Terms and Conditions

1. Promo can only be used through the Anteraja application\u000D\u000A2. Promo only applies to new users who have never made a transaction on the Anteraja Application\u000D\u000A3. Promo can be exchanged for Free Shipping IDR 25,000,\u002D\u000D\u000A4. The promo applies to all services in the Anteraja application without a minimum transaction.\u000D\u000A5. Promo cannot be combined with other promos\u000D\u000A6. Promo cannot be multiplied (1 voucher can only be used in 1 transaction)\u000D\u000A7. Promo cannot be returned or cashed\u000D\u000A8. Promo can only be used once for 1 user.\u000D\u000A9. If the order is failed, refunded, rejected by Anteraja or the goods are not sent after the transaction is paid, the Promo code is considered forfeited and cannot be reused.\u000D\u000A\u000D\u000AAnteraja has the right to cancel transactions/cancel the use of promos that are indicated to be fraudulent

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The easiest way to order beauty services at the convenience and comfort of your home. Manicure, Pedicure, Waxing and Hair services are provided.